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If you’re reading this you’ve already connected with my official website, Welcome, and by all means keep using this site to check out what’s hip and happening in my smile inspiring world of photography. Hopefully you’ll find something here or at my other sites that will inspire you to smile. The following feedback expressed it best….

“Hello Chris,

Your web site is awesome. I hope you will continue to create your special style of photographs; they are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You are a success, young man: Your photos made me smile, and made my husband smile. We’re having a rather grim time these days, because my husband is struggling with health problems that have just about taken away his ability to enjoy life, so I was delighted to see his smiles and hear him laugh outright at some of your photos.

You have an amazing perspective. Cultivate it for all you’re worth, and never let it get away from you. The world needs people who can see happiness, even in a little flower.

God bless you,”

~ Nancy H.

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365 project

365 Project Journal: Follow along on my daily photographic journey and see a fresh new photo everyday, many of which spark imagination, joy and smiles.  ◕‿◕
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Pinterest Board: Are you a Pinterest member, as well? Hopefully these pins will bring a smile to your face as we share interests and creative ideas. ☺

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